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Flow Chart of Legal Proceedings

Statement of Claim


---------------------------------   Judgement  -------------------------------
|                                   (by default or after a hearing)                              |
|                                                    |                                                     |

Writ Examination Summons

Garnishee Order

Sheriff takes goods and sells them at public auction to pay debt.

Examination of debtor as to assets, liabilities, income and expenditure

If we know employer or bank, can apply for garnishee

Garnishee Summons

If garnishee does not answer then it can be made liable for the debt

Debts Due

INDIVIDUALS - Debts over $5,000.00

COMPANIES - Debts over $2,000.00



Bankruptcy Notice
Bankruptcy Petition
Sequestration Order
459E Demand
Summons to wind up
Winding Up Order

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