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Debt Recovery

We can issue letters of demand requiring payment of your debt followed by a Statement of Liquidated Claim which requires payment within 28 days or a Defence to be filed. At the end of this time we can apply for judgment if no Defence has been filed or represent you in Court.

Once judgment is entered in your favour, it is necessary to take steps in any of the following methods:-

  • Writ of Execution which directs the Sheriff to attend the debtor’s premises and take the goods and chattels and sell them in payment of your debt.
  • Garnishee Order which is an order of the Court directing the employer or Bank to pay you money which is otherwise due by it to the debtor in payment of your debt.
  • Bankruptcy which requires payment or a Bankruptcy order will be made.
  • If the debtor is a corporation, the commencement of winding up proceedings.


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